ALT (Binational Autonomous Authority of Lake Titicaca/“Autoridad Binacional Autónoma del Sistema Hídrico del Lago Titicaca, Río Desaguadero, Lago Poopó y Salar de Coipasa”) is an international public law entity with full decison-making and management autonomy in technical, administrative and financial sectors. It is functionally dependent on the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Peru and Bolivia. ALT was created in 1996 by binational agreement between the governments of Bolivia and Peru and approved by legislative resolutions of both countries.

Border between Peru and Bolivia near the Tilali community


ALT aims to promote and carry out actions, programs and projects for the conservation, management and protection of the water resources of Lake Titicaca within the framework of the binational project plan.

1 Contributing to the sustainable development in the Titicaca region based on the rational use of natural resources such as water, biodiversity and soil.

2 Regulating sources of pollution that affect the quality of water resources in the Titicaca region.

3 Strengthening binational ties between Peru and Bolivia.

4 Contributing to the knowledge and prevention of climate change and adaptation strategies.

5 Strengthening the integrated management of water resources at a binational level (Peru-Bolivia).


Study and analyze instruments for legal and regulatory harmonization of national standards related to the water resources of the Titicaca region.

Support and promote the preservation, restoration and conservation of natural ecosystems by improving environmental sustainability in the Titicaca region. Establish water quality standards and develop technologies for the rational use of natural resources.

Manage binational actions and programs or entrust them to public or private entities supervising the rational use of water resources and the protection against floods and droughts.

Promote the cooperation between ALT and other entities to implement technology transfer and capacity building from both sides.

Establish guidelines for the use and management of water resources according to the project plan until legislations are passed.

Promote close coordination between institutions at national and international level on issues relevant to ALT.

Sign relevant agreements and contracts for the appropriate management of water resources and the application and promotion of the project plan.

Take care of other tasks entrusted by the governments of Peru and Bolivia related to the Titicaca region and its water resources.